Here we are again!

2022, how can it be another year already?! I truly don’t know where the last year went. I remember thinking in February how slow the year was moving, wondering what was going to happen, when we would return to “normal”. Somewhere along the lines the year picked up and it flew by for us. The farm is always busy, so maybe that had something to do with it. The farm, the animals, crops and work don’t know that there is a worldwide pandemic happening. Things don’t slow down here on the farm, so I guess we didn’t slow down with it either.

Life definitely changed. We grew accustomed to having kids around to help, freedom in the evenings and on weekends to get more work accomplished. Quite simply we had more time. We had more time to catch up on the things that continued to get put at the bottom of the list. It was nice. I won’t say that we didn’t enjoy the ease and simplicity of having a little time away from all external things outside of life here on the farm.

However we did miss seeing our kids involved in their sports and activities, and being involved with them ourselves. It was nice when that picked back up, when we could finally get into the arena and watch our kids in action again. It did throw us for a loop however in attempting to get back into pre-covid life. Schedules were full, time demands were high. I will say it was harder to get back into the swing of things for us this time around for some reason.

I spent all of December feeling behind. November and December is always really busy for us in the store with various activities planned for Christmas. Added to that the kids activities, and other time commitments and there was no balance found. That is tough for me, I like to have control of my life, know what’s happening, know what’s coming, know what’s expected of me, likewise of my own expectations. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. This year was different, there was no joy. I can’t put my finger on why exactly that was, what was missing that made it so different. It was just different.

The last couple of days have allowed me time to reflect on all that 2021 brought us. It has allowed me time to think about what I want out of 2022 both in business and personally. What I have realized yet again is just how little control we actually have in life. The last couple of days have reaffirmed that for me. I have no control over humanity, decisions, actions, words, thoughts, or feelings of others. The only thing I can control is me. The only thing I know for sure, is that I want to be happy, I want to find the joy again, I want my family to thrive, to live their best, happiest and healthiest lives.

Looking ahead at the rest of this year, my focus will be on our family, and our future. My focus will be on the blessings we have right here in front of us. This farm not only provides for us a place to live, things to do, and food to eat, but it also provides purpose for us. It gives our family a future, a chance to work together, to provide for others, to leave behind something meaningful for future generations. My focus will be on growing this business and making the most out of all that we have been given and entrusted with.

I choose to shift my focus from the negativity, and destruction going on in the world around us and work to have a positive impact on the community we are apart of. I lost my focus, I lost my joy, I lost my purpose in 2021. I strive to change that and move forward in 2022 whether the world is ready for that or not. For the first time in a long time I feel a rising in my soul, an excitement for what’s to come, a fire in my belly! We have lots of big dreams, goals and desires for this little farm of ours, for the business that we have busted our butts to grow over the last 15 years. I’m looking to 2022 to be a year of big growth and change for us, and I’m ready for it!

Happy New Year to all of you! May you find the joy you might have lost, may you find the fire, the motivation, the determination to be the change, to be the light, to be the person you know you can be. May you come out of these struggles tougher than you went in.

All the best,


Re-focusing on the heart of this farm…our family!

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