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You know when you fill out those applications and it asks for your “occupation” or “job title”? It goes on to further ask for your gross income, monthly or annually?

I always have to stop and wonder how the heck do I answer that.

I can’t consistently answer that question the same way. I don’t have a specific job title, and I am perfectly content with that. But it took me quite a while to get comfortable. To understand that I don’t need a “title” to be of value to our family & operation. I help where I am needed. There is always something that needs to be done or cared for.

I quit my full time off farm job in April of 2010. Steve was working on the farm largely by himself as his father also farmed, and at the time was heavily involved in politics. We were at the point of needing some more help on the farm, wondering about hiring someone. Steve’s children were with us every other weekend and an evening throughout the week. It seemed that the writing was on the wall. It was time for me to come and work here at home, on the farm. One of the scariest decisions we had to make as a couple at that point in our lives.

We had talked a lot about children of our own. The end goal was always that I would stay at home and raise up any children that we might be blessed with. We took a big leap when I gave up my full time income. I spent a lot of time in the beginning feeling guilty that I wasn’t working Monday to Friday 10-5. I felt I had no business being at home not being a “mom” yet, but in fact I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I ended up getting pregnant with our first child in June that year, only 3 months after coming home to work. ❤️

We began doing property maintenance for several businesses in our local community. We cut grass, trimmed, looked after flower beds, trimming trees, general maintenance and clean up. I also took over the general book keeping for the farm, from my mother in law. Something I had never done before, and had a lot to learn. I would help Steve with cattle, drive a tractor if needed, look after his children when they were here, maintained our house and property, ran farm errands, did bank deposits, invoicing, etc. On any given day my job would change, always lots of variety, lots of learning, and a few surprises too.

After our second son was born we decided to expand our business, allowing me to continue to stay at home with our babies, while also continuing to help bring in income for the farm. That is where Bloomers Family Farm was born, a better representation of us, our goals and dreams. Up until then the farm name was just “Steve Bloomfield”. When we built our drive shed we decided to put a store in the corner of it, to better service our growing clientele. From there I was able to help build the store over the last number of years while still being here with my kiddos.

So I guess to answer that question on the applications I am who I need to be on any given day. That changes with the days, months, seasons, years, or ages of our children. Of course the role I value the most is Wife & Mom. I am so very fortunate to be here for my kiddos each and every day. To be able to contribute to the farm operation every. single. day. To be a partner in our goals and dreams being realized.

We live where we work and work where we live and that means that all things are interconnected. One job can’t be done without another. Every part is equally as valuable.

Don’t let a question on an application make you feel less then, question your worth or value to your family or operation. Chances are you are exactly where you are supposed to be.❤️

Exactly where we are supposed too be. ❤️

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